Taide & elitismi

”Difficult as it may sometimes be for the broad public ’to get into’ Schoenberg or Webern, there is nothing ’elitist’ about great art — great art is by definition universal and emancipatory, potentially addressing us all. When, in the ’elite’ places like the old Met in New York, the upper classes gathered for an opera performance, their social posturing was in blatant contradiction with the works performed on stage — to see Mozart and the rich crowd as belonging to the same space is obscenity. There is a well-known story from the early years of the Met when a high-society lady, one of the opera’s great patrons, arrived late, half an hour into the first act; she demanded that the performance be interrupted for a couple of minutes and the lights be turned on so that she could inspect the dresses of other ladies with her opera glasses (and, of course, her demand was granted). If anything Mozart belonged to the poor in the upper stalls who spend their last hard-earned dollars to see the opera.”

Slavoj Žižek: Living in the End Times (Verso 2010)

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