Spring Flower Wreath

Crafting with Common Household Supplies - leluteekki.wordpress.comThis spring flower wreath project was combined of two Pinterest ideas. We still have snow here in Helsinki, but maybe that’s why putting some flowers on our door seemed a good idea. We saw this lovely wreath from Homemade Serenity, and decided to make one like it. I said there wouldn’t be any crafts involving toilet paper rolls, but we are getting closer: egg cartons. Only, I had surprisingly enough just emptied our recycling bin and so we didn’t have enough egg cartons. No problem, we decided to vary a little, and found this wreath from Toddler Approved where they stick flowers on a paper plate wreath. Only, their flowers were stickers, and we didn’t have any. No problem, we could make flowers of our own, so out with the paper, scissors and watercolors.

This was a nice project, as it was suitable for both the 2 year olds and the 6 year old by just varying the tasks between them.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

Our only egg carton held the painted Easter eggs so we had to empty them into a bowl. The stained t-shirt was supposed to provide buttons for decorating, but we forgot that.

What you need:

a paper plate (or some carton to cut the wreath form)

egg cartons



water colours

glue (Elmer’s glue -type)

Cutting the egg cartons into flower shapes proved to be the hardest job, so we divided the work: I cut and the girls painted (one of the twins was still napping).

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

Cutting takes concentration.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

You cut the egg carton into something like this.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

And then you paint your flowers.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

Cut the center of the paper plate off to make a wreath.

Then you just make a sufficient number of flowers using the techniques of your choice, paint your wreath green and glue the flowers on. And voilà, a very nice spring wreath (even though not quite as gorgeous as those pins, but hey, that’s how it is with our crafts). We made two, as there were quite a lot of flowers in the end, and the older girl added some cute ladybugs on hers.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

The wreath with only paper flowers.

spring flower wreath - leluteekki.wordpress.com

And the 3D -version.

So now we are all ready to welcome spring!

Have you done any spring decorating at your house?

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