Paper Plate Sewing

Crafting with Common Household Supplies - leluteekki.wordpress.comAs I’ve said before, I’m not a crafty mom by nature, and so we don’t have a huge supply of crafting materials – I just never seem to think about buying (or recycling) any. But that doesn’t prevent the eldest from crafting, she just takes what is at hand and goes from there. So this will be a hole series of ”Crafting with common household supplies” by my eldest daughter. And hey, no toilet rolls in view (at least for the time being).

This first one dates from before Christmas, but it happened to be waiting on my desk (waiting for what, you might wonder – well, yes, that I clean my desk, obviously).  One day she came to ask me where she could find a needle for sewing. ”What exactly are you planning to sew?” asked her suspicious mom. ”A paper plate”, was the answer. ”Say what?” But as you can see, you can perfectly well sew (on) a paper plate.

Crafting with Paper Plates -

Paper Plate Sewing

Supplies you need:

– a paper plate

– some yarn

– water colours

– a thick needle 

Crafting with Paper Plates-

Paper Plate Sewing

First you paint the paper plate, then punch holes with the needle, and then just sew through the holes. A 4 year old can easily do the sewing if an adult punches the holes. A paper plate is solid enough so that you can realize a sewing picture on it: draw a simple picture, punch holes on the lines, sew and then colour or paint.

So next week there will be another one of  her ”Crafting with common household supplies”. Until then, you can read the other posts in English under the category – In English. Lacks in imagination, I know.

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