Four activities to keep the kids from whining while stuck inside

4 crafts to keep kids busyWe had a fever doing the rounds at our house last week and as the kids took turns being sick, I was stuck inside with two healthy kids and a feverish one for almost a week. Legos were a big hit, the six-year-old  and two two-year-olds  struck quite nice games together and that’s something even I can muster some interest in (I’m not that great at getting on the floor and actually playing with the kids, but building with legos is ok).

What else did we do? Well, we did some crafts. I’m not a crafty mom by nature (start to wonder what kind of a mom am I then? read on, I’ll get to it), but I’ve got a creative kid and pinterest.

Toddler craft using pipe cleaners and beads.

Bracelet by my son. Well done for a toddler, even if I say so myself (not being the toddler but his mother, obviously).

No 1: bracelets designed by my six-year-old. These really are very simple to do, even the twins did theirs, and they turned out really nice. Her original idea was to make this a birthday present for me, but I strongly suspect that the kids will want to hold on to theirs.

All you need is some pipe cleaners and beads – we happened to have some that fit perfectly, I think they are really meant for braiding. You grab a pipe cleaner and start beading, once you reach the end (or a suitable length for a bracelet) you just twist the pipe cleaner to close the circle.

Bracelet craft using cotton yarn.

”Tday yarn program” she wrote, so there could be no mistake.

The next day she continued on the bracelet theme, bringing out this friendship bracelet we had meant to do, but never finished. I first didn’t find the correct instructions among my pins (you have them here ) so we made do with these – the pictures are clear enough to make up to my lack of Asian (I don’t even know which language that would be). In an hour she had finished, so it was the perfect project during the twins nap – and after being shown how to proceed, she could work on independently and I could read in peace (so that’s the kind of mom I am).

Toddler's friendship bracelet.

A two-year-old’s version of the friendship bracelet.

Well, this is what happens when you don’t put everything away at once. One of the twins wanted some yarn program too.

Vinegar, baking soda.

This should be an image of the colourful explosions, but I’ve misplaced them somewhere.

The day after, legos were mostly used to throw around and hit each other with, so I had to quickly come up with plan B to keep the kids occupied while I got lunch on the table.

This has been all over pinterest, and it worked wonders when the kids had chicken pox a few weeks ago, so we did it again. iI’s the vinegar-on-baking-soda-volcanos.

– you take your baking soda and pour it in a thinnish layer on a baking sheet (good reason to finally get around to washing that baking sheet too)

– pour some vinegar in a cup and mix food colouring in it (if you have any, if not you’ll have white explosions)

– drop some vinegar from the cup on the baking soda – you can use something fancy, like a eye-drop dropper, or just a teaspoon

– say ooh and wow when the baking soda starts bubbling. You can finish it off by putting baking soda directly into your vinegar cup. And then you can put your hands on the baking sheet and just smear the stuff all around. Or you can intervene before – no, honestly, the mess stays bearable and it really captivates the kids for at least 20 minutes.

Contact paper craft

It’s a rat in case you wondered.

Then I still had to come up with something so I could take a look at my blog (so that’s the kind of mom I’m too) and we did another relatively mess free pinterest find, contact paper collage. The little ones have just discovered the power of scissors (big sisters barbies can vouch for that), and so they were happy just to cut cut cut. My eldest used tissues, napkins, ordinary paper, gift bows, yarn and crayon shavings for the creation above.

As I was finishing this, one of the twins woke from his nap with a fever. So if you have any good ideas for tomorrow, I’m all ears. What do you do when the kids are sick – and especially, what do you do when some of them are sick and the others are bursting with energy?

p.s. I suppose you guessed already, but no, this really isn’t one of those ”it’s all about the great pictures” -type of blogs.

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