Cabin fever 2 – facepainting with mökkihöperöt


Calm before the storm. Just moments after this shot the tiger attacked the butterfly who then wiped her tears (and her painting) on the couch.

The kids are sick – again – but luckily I had bought some facepaints this weekend, so even before clearing the breakfast table I was painting faces. If you haven’t got any yet, you’ll want to buy the paints that look like watercolours that you apply with a sponge or a brush, not the ones that look like crayons – those are much harder to use, stain a lot more and are difficult to wash off. I found this pin about making your own facepaints, but I’m not sure about putting food colouring on their faces as the one we have stains fingers for a pretty long while.

In this picture the tiger is a simplified version, as he already had some stripes of his own (an unlucky encounter with a bench in the sauna). The dalmatian is the first of the kind I’ve done, and I think it turned out quite nice. The butterfly goes around the eyes rather than on the eyes to be easier to wash off. For these I just looked at the models on the paintbox, but there are some very good tutorials to be found on youtube. I like this ladybug, it’s easy and cute, and this lady  has some really good ones – be sure to tell your kid beforehand that the one mom /dad will make won’t be looking exactly like the one on the net. Even really small toddlers can usually hold still long enough so that you can draw a flower or a sun on their cheek, and they enjoy showing it around.  And at least our big sister is overjoyed to be allowed to draw on the little ones’ (or parents’) faces. So I guess we’ll be painting some more in the afternoon.

Any other good ideas to keep sick kids happy while staying inside? Balloons were yesterday’s big hit – until the inevitable BANG.

p.s. Mökkihöperö – a lovely Finnish word if ever there was one – means a person suffering from cabin fever

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